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When it comes to life, love, your job, and's important to LOVE it all!  Even when life is not perfect, or you don't feel great, there is always beauty in the world, and always beauty in yourself.  If you love your life, GREAT!  If you have love, WONDERFUL!  If you love your job, LUCKY YOU!  But can you honestly say you LOVE YOURSELF?  Kudos to you who have learned to love and appreciate all of you!  For those of you struggling, photos can often show you the beauty the rest of the world sees.  LET ME BE THE ONE TO SHOW YOU!!!  




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My story is simple.  I'm fascinated with people, love photography, and i'm a woman. 

My journey into becoming a boudoir photographer is one that should be told over a glass of vino or a walk with our pups (ideally vino in hand)! It MAY not BE the most interesting story, but it's a real one.  One of which I'm sure many women can relate.  

Women love feeling beautiful, but have a much easier time seeing imperfections.  Well, it's time for all that negativity to STOP!!!

I bet a stranger could list 10 things about you that are beautiful before you could even come up with one!  Am I correct?  I'm counting to ten...

It is my mission to not only take beautiful photos, but  to change the hearts of many who struggle with feeling beautiful.  No matter where your relationship status or your physical state, it's important to know there is beauty in every day.  I want to photograph you and show you all the gorgeousness everyone else sees!

We all have beauty in our own way, all have features that should be celebrated, and all deserve to feel beautiful!  Let me show you!


Last year I got married to THE MOST amazing man EVER! No really...true story. He's the best. Worth the wait!  


I am a

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I have been the lucky momma of these perfect little fur babies for 10 years. Life has brought some very high highs, and some seriously low lows, but with these handsome dudes by my side I can make it through anything!  


These are my

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Not only did I get a wonderful husband, but 105 lbs. of this dapper dude!  Win win!!!

handsome Beast!

I am a stepmom to this

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Almafi Coast, Italy.  I went into this trip with a boyfriend, and left with a fiancĂ©!  Take me back!


I love to

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Priano, Italy.  Ambient lighting, great food, and my handsome happy place!  (Just missing my pups!)

romantic lighting!

I'm a sucker for

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If you didn't already guess from reading my previous "fun facts," my heart lives in Italy.  I have so many amazing memories in that wonderful country.  Extended stays, new best friends, and engagement at the Spanish steps...I'm ready to go back!!!


My heart lives in

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Absolutely had a blast!  Marcie was so fun to work with! Her professionalism, and positive, happy attitude really made the experience.  I was a little nervous because I had never done anything like this before, AND my shoot was at the beach!  Once it was over, I wanted to do it again!

Just do it!  You'll love every second of it and completely forget about the rest of the world!

by far my favorite shoot"

"100% comfortable!


I am speechless! These are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much!


"I never felt more


I was completely freaked out!  We are all so self critical.  I have never weighed more in my entire life, and that includes the day I gave birth to my daughter, so I understand feeling nervous.  BUT Marcie is there to make you look and feel fabulous! 

I felt great after the shoot and kind of silly that I was so freaked out.  It's a great experience to get out of your comfort zone and be a little adventurous!

The shoot was comfortable because Marcie was supportive and gave me specific clear direction.  I love the way the pics turned out!  I wish I had done a boudoir shoot at 25, and again at 50.  I totally might even do it again at 75!

over 50!"

"I'm shy and


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